Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've had a few rough days/weeks as far as food goes. Yes, I've created some delicious (and safe!) treats within that time span, but I've also encountered some allergens. And I've been invited to several very well-meaning people's homes for meals (which is very difficult). I never know what to do with myself in those situations. I don't want to turn down hospitality, but I really don't want to suffer for weeks on end just from eating one meal. I feel really bad when I have to explain my allergies. I've also been feeling really embarrassed, and I'm not really sure how to deal with that one. It revolves around my allergic reactions, mostly. I've been getting really self-conscious since my face erupted, and I really hate meeting new people when I look like this. It's like I want to say to everyone: "it's so nice to meet you - I don't normally look like this!" Then I want to explain my allergies so that they know this is not normal. I don't know what to do. I can't seem to figure out why I'm having so many problems. I feel lost.


  1. I don't think its weird. I guess maybe because I have a few friends with gluten allergies and work with autistic kids who are sometimes on GFCF diets. I sometimes eat before I go to peoples houses because I don't really eat meat and most people serve it. I guess its easier to eat something and then eat like salad or something like that. I wouldn't feel bad if I were you. I know you feel bad because you have so many allergies that people might not know what to serve but come on you get sick and people understand that.

  2. Oh yeah and my face is always broken out. I hate that. Especially when I go home or want to look nice. My face always looks good when I don't need to be anywhere.

  3. Do not worry, dearest beautiful friend. I've noticed that if I stop eating Gluten fluten too, my face clears up..... But, the one day I take a chance, I break out too. I feel your pain.

  4. You are not alone! I've sat down to meals that well-meaning people think are GF only to realize they used something that wasn't GF, like soy sauce. Sometimes I just want to cry in those situations because I'm SO hungry AND frustrated. Usually people are obliging and have salad or rice around, but it's just plain frustrating no matter how you slice it.

    In Seattle, most people (including wait staff at restaurants) know and understand the allergy, so that does make things easier when eating out. I figure, the more I talk about it and request GF stuff, the more likely people will be to provide it and be educated about since it's more common than people think.

    Most of my GF friends have cramping or digestive problems when they eat gluten. Me? Well, I look 13-year-old going through puberty with acne everywhere. It was really bad the first time I went to China because I just decided to eat whatever and recover when I got back to the States. And it was SO NOT worth it :) The 2nd time I went to Shanghai, I brought a bottle of GF soy sauce with me everywhere and asked the kitchen to use it for my dishes. Annoying, but much better.

    My sensitivities: almonds, eggs (whites and yolks), dairy (cow), kidney beans, yeast (all kinds), garlic

    Thanks for blogging! I'll keep reading :)

  5. Kristie, I didn't know you were GF! Wow. Small world.